Air Factory - Original // 100ml

Air Factory

Berry Rush
A flavorful rendition of sweet taffy candy infused with an assortment of delectable berries. 

Blue Razz
A delicious blue raspberry taffy candy flavour that will set your sweet tooth on its way to a happy place.

Melon Lush
A deliciously wild blast of melons, watermelon and honeydew.

Who doesn't enjoy an air of mystery? Air Factory delivered a mysterious experience for the ages. Delicious flavours that might be identifiable to one vaper and be a complete set of different flavour profile to the next. A true achievement of mixology. The only thing we can give away is that tastes like candy, berries, and an assortment of sweet fruit.

Strawberry Kiwi
The powerful tangy flavour of kiwi and strawberry married into a candy base that provides the perfect honeymoon for your vape and your taste buds.

Wild Apple
You'll definitely go wild when you try this lively blend of both red and green, fresh picked, crisp apples that are turned into a sweet, creamy taffy.

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Product does NOT contain nicotine*

Category: International, Liquids

Type: Liquids

Vendor: Air Factory

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