Black Note

Black Note

Rich and smooth Burley tobacco. ( Naturally extracted )

Earthy and nutty Italian Kentucky tobacco. (Naturally extracted)

Virginia tobacco sets the stage for the light, bright and naturally sweet taste of Prelude. Grown in the sandy plains surrounding the Italian Alps, Virginia tobacco leaves are flue-cured to perfection. ( Naturally extracted )

The blend embraces the Syrian Latakia process of sun-curing the tobacco, then smoke-curing over controlled fires of Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Lebanon cedar, Greek juniper and indigenous aromatic herbs. ( Naturally extracted )

The unique taste of Encore comes from Isfahani tobacco. Grown high in the mountains of central Iran, this variety produces thick leaves packed with flavour. These are sun-dried in the traditional way, then put through Black Note’s flavour extraction process. ( Naturally extracted )

Cigarette Blend
Tobacco Flavor Taste: Amber & Ashy
Curing Method: Oak-barrel aging

Cuban Cigar Blend
High-quality cigar tobacco grown in moist tropical climate delivers flavor notes that range from slightly sweet to mildly spicy, all harmonized with rich and subtle smoky undertones. Call it a utopia for Havana cigar fans.


Dark ripe Virginia tobacco is treated to a centuries-old curing process, producing a robustly rich and intense blend. Virginia tobacco leaves are precisely primed, oak barrel-cured, and steamed to brilliant intensity.


  • VG/PG Ratio: 50/50


* This product does NOT contain any Nicotine. *

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Type: Liquids

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