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Charlie's Chalk Dust - Pacha Mama Range // 60ml

The Mist Factory

Charlie's Chalk Dust Ejuice now available at our Melbourne vape shop in Braybrook. Also available for online purchase with Australia wide delivery.

Fuji Apple

If you are looking for a genuinely delicious and authentic fruity flavoured e-juice to try, this is definitely one to consider! With an exclusive assortment of crisp Fuji apples, sweet wild strawberries and juicy nectarines you will taste the perfect balance of fruit flavors, that will result in a burst of mouthwatering fruit taste that you will love at first vape. You will surely be pleased with the authenticity of the fruit flavors, with absolutely no artificial taste whatsoever.

Huckleberry Pear Acai
Huckleberry, Pear, Acai is a delectable blend of sweet Huckleberry, crisp Pear, and exotic Acai to satisfy your pallet.

Mango Pitaya Pineapple
Imagine mango, pitaya and pineapple perfectly mixed together and poured into a glass. The most desirable fruits on earth blended to an eclectic trio of e-Liquids. Pacha mama, created by the e-juice mastermind Charlie of Charlies Chalk Dust, is an simplistic new brand to hit the market. Mango Pitaya Pineapple is a tropical fruit explosion with a unique but simple combination of Mango, Pitaya (Dragon Fruit), and Pineapple.

Mint Honeydew Berry Kiwi
This juice takes amazing to a whole new level. The mouth watering flavors of honeydew, sweet berry and tangy kiwi all rolled into a smooth vape that leaves you with a fresh hit of mint. Charlie’s Chalk Dust has taken Pacha Mama to new minty heights by combining the summer’s best fruits of honeydew melon, kiwis and luscious berries isn’t too unheard of, but when you add a dose of cool refreshing mint leaf to it, that kicks things up a notch with this e-juice. This insanely zesty flavor is just the thing to switch up your flavor game!

Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu
Passionfruit, Raspberry, Yuzu You won't believe how delicious this exotic mixture of Passion fruit, Raspberry and Yuzu is! The flavour of Yuzu is tart, and closely resembling grapefruit, with overtones of mandarin orange. What an amazing combination!

Peach Papaya Coconut cream
Peach Papaya Coconut Cream by Pacha mama is a fruity trifecta experience, blending a silky coconut cream base with fresh fuzzy peaches and freshly-ripe papaya for a fruity inhale with a creamy exhale.

Strawberry Guava Jackfruit
Pacha Mama Strawberry Guava Jackfruit will take you to Vacation on island, with fresh cocktail of strawberry, Guava and Jackfruit. The most desirable fruits on earth blended to an eclectic trio of e-Liquids. The flavor body merges with a freshly picked strawberry and continues to deliver a rich mango fruit note. An exhale of jackfruit flows through your taste-buds leaving a matchless aftertaste. 

Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry
Blood Orange, Banana, Gooseberry This is a delicious combination of sweet and tart. This Blood Orange, Banana, and Gooseberry mix is definitely something you have never had before.

* The bottle advertises the Nicotine strength, however this product does NOT contain any Nicotine. *

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