Rebel x Bogan // 60ml

Rebel x Bogan

Pash My Melons
This E-liquid is a mixture of Passionfruit which puts the Pash in with all the Watermelons, Rock Melons, Honeydew Melons and Sweet Melons, all blended together.


Sik Currnt
This Sik Currrnt is black currant flavour infused with hints of the sweetest cherries that will surely pop your cherry.


Plum Job
Plum Job is a Virginian tobacco blend mixed with the juiciest plums creating the perfect balance between tobacco and fruit in an E-liquid that you will ever taste.




  • Size: 60ml Shortfill
  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30


    This is a 75ml bottle, shortfilled to 60ml so you can add to it easily if you desire, but feel free to vape it straight up!

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