Redback Juice Co. // 100ml

Redback Juice Co.

Grape, Black & Blueberry
A forest fruit explosion on the inhale with a refreshing grape exhale, this mouth-watering medley leaves you longing for more.

Starfruit & Watermelon
Watermelon is definitely the hero of this juicy fruit-bomb. Sweet watermelon meets a hint of sour starfruit in this fresh and tropical flavour.

Mango & Dragonfruit
BIG mango flavours in this dreamy tropical delight. Think sun-kissed beach days, fruit-filled cocktails and warm summer evenings. A mango sensation with the perfect measure of exotic dragonfruit.

Apple & Pomegranate
Sweet crisp apple meets subtly sour pomegranate in this perfectly balanced flavour. Think freshly pressed apple juice with a tantalising twist.  

Blood Orange, Passionfruit & Guava Juicy & bold Blood Oranges have been beautifully paired with satisfyingly sweet Passionfruit and finely tuned with a vibrant Guava tang to finish!!

Category: Australian, Fruit, Liquids

Type: Liquids

Vendor: Redback Juice Co.

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