Skwezed - Ice // 100ml


Grapefruit Ice
Imagine a grapefruit where all the bitterness was taken out. Sounds delicious right?  Now imagine vaping its sweet tangyness.

Lychee Ice
Skwezed Lychee replicates the fruit that offers a translucent and glossy texture under its peel, similar to a grape. It offers a refreshing and sub-tart sweet taste that is deliciously hard to describe, now including that fresh out the ice bucket feel!

Mango Ice
Imagine hanging out on a tropical island and sitting next to you is a yellow and red fruit giving off a distinctive fragrant aroma. This is absolutely what Skwezed Mango is, a sweet and tangy fruit that freshly dropped off of the trees they were hanging from, finally doused in super cool iciness for a fresh hit like no other.

Peach Ice
Love peach, and you will love Skwezed Ice Peach. This peach is not over powering to resemble a peach ring, but gives off just the right amount of flavor to resemble the fuzzy, sweet and aromatic fruit with every cool, icy vape.

Apple Ice
This is what an award winning ejuice tastes like, literally. The Skwezed Green Apple is a sweet, crisp granny apple freshly picked from an apple tree, and crushed into a tall glass of ice.

Watermelon Ice
Forget randomly knocking on dozens of watermelons to find the right one, Skwezed Ice's Watermelon is the juiciest, chillest, sweetest, most refreshing watermelon you'll ever find!

Strawberry Ice
Ripe yet mildly crispy, strawberry is a classic flavour. This one has a tinge of coolness to it, straight out of the fridge!


  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

* This product does not contain any nicotine *

Category: Ice, International, Liquids, Skwezed

Type: Liquids

Vendor: Skwezed

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