Solomon's Clouds // 60ml

Solomon's Clouds

Graporade Ice
A mix between grape lollies and everyone's favourite purple drink fresh out the servo fridge, this ice cold grape flavour won't make your hair fall out.

Sweet and fully ripe Australian mangoes with a dash of blackcurrant, finally sprinkled on crushed ice. All the deliciousness of a mango, with no annoying pips.

Cap'n Apples
Freshly baked warm apple pie with lashings of vanilla custard. Get whisked back to grandma's kitchen but don't wait for this one to cool down!

Sticky Wicket
A delicious and creamy salted caramel brulee. Not just another custard with this smooth mix serving up a salted caramel punch at the end.

  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
  • Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours.

  • * This product does NOT contain any Nicotine. *

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