The Finest - Signature // 60ml

The Finest

Lychee Dragon
Enter the Lychee Dragon! A distinctive flavour that truly packs a punch with fresh dragon-fruit and a hint of luscious lychee on the inhale, and a smooth strawberry medley on the exhale.

Banana Honey
Banana Honey delivers the rich, sweet aroma of milk and honey with a garnish of emulsified banana, and nutty roasted almonds. Top all that off with a splash of cream, and you’ve got a signature juice worthy of the finest rotations.

Tiramisu Custard
Tiramisu Custard takes the archetypal Italian dessert and infuses espresso, layered with vanilla bean, golden graham crackers, and custard on the back note.

Vanilla Custard Tobacco isn’t ordinary, this flavor takes the traditional mix to new heights. Specially formulated with daily vape-ability in mind, VCT combines a velvety layer of vanilla custard and a delicate balance of tobacco for an ultra-smooth experience.

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