Throne Eliquid // 60ml

Throne Liquids

The Imp
Crafted from a fruit you’ll rarely see in the mass market, this e-juice takes its flavour from the rare & coveted Cushman mango. The fruit may be uncommon but you can savour its signature sweet and creamy notes in this e-liquid.

The Mother
It’s sweet, smooth and easy to vape. Throne The Mother is a unique fruity blend that combines the sweetness of passion-fruit, the tanginess of orange and the freshness of guava in one delicious vape juice.

The Assassin
Throne Liquids’ The Assassin is a perfect blend of grape and mixed berries flavours with a hint of mint that certainly slays. Perfect for those who love the taste of berries, definitely keep an eye on this variant because it’s going to be big!

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